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What Is Behavioral Health Integration?

Medicare classifies Behavioral Health as any mental or psychiatric conditions and behavioral issues such as substance use disorders. CMS States, “Integrating Behavioral Health Care with Primary Care (Behavioral Health Integration or BHI) is now widely considered as an effective strategy for improving outcomes for millions of Americans with mental or behavioral health conditions.

Medicare makes separate payments to physicians and non physician practitioners for BHI services they supply to beneficiaries over a calendar month service period”.

Billing providers including primary care practitioners can identify and treat behavioral health issues using BHI model of care with well defined roles and relationships among the care team members. Enabling providers to deliver Behavioral Health services using an integrated digital platform allows for:
  • Increased Access to Behavioral Health Care
  • Comprehensive Care Delivery
  • Compliance to CMS Standards for BHI Care Delivery
  • Better Outcomes resulting in “Whole Person-Centered Care”
  • Increased efficiency and standardized delivery of Behavioral health services

How Can Doctorite Help Your Practice With Behavioral Health Needs

Doctorite Solution - HIPPA Compliant AI Enabled Platform and Patient App


Benefits of Using Doctorite


Intuitive and Structured Platform

Allows Providers new to BHI program to implement and scale a BHI program quickly and effectively


Integrated Patient and Clinician App

Enables care team to track and improve patient engagement and care activity


E2E Compliant Care Management

Allows billing providers to deliver efficient care and coordination using clinic team members


Easy to Document using Speech to Text Capabilities

Care team can document and generate auto populated Visit Summary Note


Reduced Denial Risks and Increases Billing Accuracy

Tracks minutes of care and provides traceability of care activities


In-Built Real Time Analytics

In-built real time analytics provides metrics for reporting and to track patient progress, outcomes and cost of care


In-Built Telehealth Functionality

Telehealth is real-time two-way interactive communication using audio/video functionalities and is used to deliver care that includes Diagnosis. Consultation, Treatment, Education. Care Management and Self Management of patients similar to an in-person visit.

Doctorite Telehealth Services Include :


Synchronous Telehealth

Real-time, audio-video communication that connects physicians and patients in different locations.


Asynchronous Telehealth

• Store-and-forward audio/video images and data for transmission and interpretation later.
• Online visits and/or brief check-in services to evaluate whether or not an office visit is warranted (chats etc).
• Interprofessional internet consultations to improve care coordination

Billing Code

There are several CPT codes to bill for General BHI, CoCM (Psychiatric Collaborative Care Model), Chronic Pain and other Telebehavioral Health Services. BHI code billed by primary care and other defined providers use CPT code 99484 billed for a minimum of 20 minutes of care per calendar month, per patient. The 20 minutes of care may include in person or virtual visit and care management and coordination activities delivered by care team under the general supervision of Billing Practitioner

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