Doctor's FAQs

Is it mandatory to use Video during consultation with a patient?

It is mandated by GOI, that the 1st visit specially if the visit results in List A prescriptions, then the visit must be a video visit. Hence it is advised that the first visit is always a video consult.

Who will pay for the appointment?

Doctorite is responsible for consultatiotn fees collection upfront. Doctorite will pay the doctor 7 working days post the visit is complete.

Will I be paid if Patient cancels an appointment?

If Patient cancels within 6 hours of appointment time, cancellation fees will be applied and Doctor will be paid the cancellation charges as contratually agreed upon.

Can I cancel the appointment?

It is important that patient, doctor and Doctorite have a good expereince of using the telemedicine platform. When a patient books a consultation, it is imperative we honor the appotinment time and doctor selction. If in case of emergency, it is important for the doctor to call the help desk and provide the reason for cancellation, If the cancellation occurs more than 3 times in a sapn of 12 months, then the contractual agreement will be deemd nullified.

Is telemedicine private and secure?

Telemedicine involves video and audio capabiliteis. Hence Doctorite has taken immense efforts to make sure the privacy and security of pateint and doctor is intact. To that effort, Doctorite will maintian all pateint record securely and ensure the patietn and doctor sign privacy notices as agreements.

Do I have to always prescribe medicines for my pateints?

IF the condition warrants a prescription, then absolutely, a prescription must be completed prior to ending the consult. If a prescription is not waranted, then follow up instructions and patient education sections must be compelted indiciating that no prescription was deemednecessary as a result of this consult.

What if the patient needs any specialist or lab tests?

If lab tests are required, then the doctor needs to list the necessary lab tests prior to ending the consultation. If a specialist referral is required, then the doctor needs to indicate whether an in person or tele medical specialist consultation can be completed and accordingly refer the patients.

Patient's FAQs

What is telemedicine??

Telemedicine is a practice of providing consultation with healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses, RMPs , Therapists etc over a telephone, video or chat.

Is telemedicine safe & secure on the Doctorite platform?

The conversation between patient and doctor is strictly private and will not be recorded. Patients personal information, prescription, Medical history & medical records etc is secured in the cloud. Patients have complete access to his/her information anytime. Doctors can access patient information only during consultation. Doctorite CARE team will access if a patient need any assistance or order on behalf of the patient.

Why isn’t my video loading?

Before you start consultation, a pop will ask for video permissions click yes to allow. If that didn't help, close the app and restart it.

Why is my video quality bad?

It could be because of the network or you are moving during consultation. Try to stay at same place during consultation. If it continues, end the video and continue again(remember not to end the appointment).

What isn’t my audio working?

It could be because while switching the voice moved from speaker to microphone. End video and continue again(remember not to end the appointment).

Why can’t my doctor hear me?

Check if the voice switched from speaker to microphone, End video and continue again(remember not to end the appointment).

My video froze, what should I do?

When the doctor switches to check your medical records you will be seeing frozen video. But if it continues for a long time, you have an option to switch to phone call by clicking the phone button on the video screen.

Question: Whom do I contact if I have a problem with payment?

Please send an email to

Will consultation fees include cost for medicines?

No, the consultation fees do not include the cost of medicines.

What are the various payment methods?

We accept payments online for all doctor consultations. You can pay using Netbanking, Credit card, Debit card, UPI payment methods.

Can I call if I have any questions on prescription?

Yes, you can send a mail with contact details our CARE team will call you as soon as possible.

If I cancel my appointment, will you refund my money?

If for any reasons you cancel your appointment within 6 hours of your appointment time, we will refund the money. But if you don’t show up during your appointment time, the consultation fees will not be refunded.

What if the doctor cancels your appointment?

We make sure the doctor doesn’t cancel your appointment but in avoidable circumstances it does happen. You can book an appointment with another doctor or reschedule your appointment with the same doctor. Your money will be refunded.

What if my doctor is unfriendly?

Please notify us as soon as possible by sending an email to

When will I receive my e-prescription?

Once the appointment ends, a prescription will be sent to your registered email address and also stored in your medical records to download.

Do I need to print the prescription?

No. e-prescription should be sufficient.