About Us

Our Mission

Our Behavioral Health Solution is Designed to Effectively Support Practitioners from Different Settings to Deliver Whole Person Care With Minimal Disruption to their Current Efficiencies and Workflows

How Does Our Model Work

Our primary focus is to increase provider adoption of the program, increase patient engagement and drive positive BH outcomes.

We offer the solution in the following ways:


Platform and App Rollout

1. Offer the digital platform and App to Provider. Train the identified resources of the provider adequately so they can Implement and scale the BH program effectively and efficiently
2. Promote adoption with frequent touchpoints


Platform and App Rollout with Dedicated Behavioral Health Navigators(BHN)

1. In addition to the above, we provide trained and skilled BH Navigators who can help drive the program effectiveness.
2. Our dedicated BHNs will facilitate coordination with the Provider’s Qualified Health Professional to manage and drive patient outcomes

Doctorite's story

Our Story

Founded during the early phase of Pandemic Doctorite was designed and developed to offer Telehealth services for health needs across urban and rural settings.

Meet Our Team

Rajani Kasu
Co-founder & CTO

Meet Our Advisors

Jagdish Grover
(Financial advisor)
Srinivas Kalapala
(VP, Verizon, Technical Advisor)
Vinod Koppurapu
(Director Google, Technical Advisor)